Transformation Reality

Eagle Forum of Sacramento
Monday Morning Thoughts
Georgiana Preskar-Director

The dangers of diversity addiction are far reaching in the months prior to the next election. Many Americans are transformed already and countless people have moved into the compromise stage that encourages the acceptance of diversity thinking. The schools, workplace, and churches have done their job.

Already we see words being used that elicit feelings rather than reality. This is how diversity addiction works. Everyone wants to “feel” good and Obama mania offers “good” feelings of hope and security.

The new politics that Obama uses are front-row fainting females to show compassion and kindness. During each incident, he uses the same “caring” words as he throws the supposed fainter a bottle of water. Does he know they need one, or are his actions and words used to depict “healings” that move the audience toward feelings of euphoria?

He uses the words hope and change flippantly with shallow socialist programs to support them. Hope for what? Why are people so desperate to take the words hope and change and use them for solutions that are totally unrealistic?

Hope has become magic. All of a sudden everyone’s desires become possible through change and many American minds that have evolved into diversity thinking are vulnerable. Any methods to get what people perceive as their rights are acceptable and achievable by taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

This is amazing since when you analyze who will be affected, it is the very people who thought they would be helped. Citizens will be shocked when the Obama’ hope becomes the reality that they are now the rich people who must contribute to socialist programs.

This great change, ruled by hope, will find people sacrificing more than they want to give. Suddenly when they have to pay for their own health insurance and their neighbors, and don’t forget the entitlements, the average citizen will face the reality of the phony utopia promised them by Obama or Clinton.

The more of our life and the more money taken away from us by the government, offers us less freedom, not greater freedom. But as long as “feelings” are ruling the schools, workplaces, and churches, liberal and pseudo conservative citizens will continue to believe misleading rhetoric of hope leading them toward a new freedom.

The “fainting” continues and the mouth of America shouts Obama hope as it is led to its destruction. The only hope for traditional Americans, in the months prior to elections, is that our shouts to win back this great nation will be loud enough to be heard!