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Eagle Forum of Sacramento is dedicated to the political, economic, and social principles that formed this nation. We do not ignore the importance of social issues. Until America is clear that life begins at conception, and same-sex marriage is not normal, then our nation can never solve more complex issues such as the economy, Agenda 21, Common Core standards, nor school shootings.

If you are concerned about the transformation of America,  you are not alone. Many people long for a  return to authentic rule of law, which is God’s authority, natural law, and the Constitution. You can promote authentic rule of law by sponsoring, or leading the below upbeat classes as get-togethers in your home, school, or church. The use of humor in each session lightens potentially stressful subject matter.

There will be a study guide available for leaders and easy to follow instructions for those attending. The information has taken years to accumulate and is valuable for all people ( The new STOP Movement (included in each workshop) is a great form of activism.  We must return to the days of yesteryear and pioneer the truth for survival of America. You may even buy yourself some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

For those who  cannot sponsor get-togethers in their home, or wish to attend workshops for training, Eagle Eye Education Center, located in a unique country setting, will offer workshops for you. We will also offer full, half-day, or individual workshops to meet your needs for home, school, workplace, government, and churches. Contact Georgiana at after reviewing the below classes.

1. Diversity Addiction: The Cause And The Cure

The “new society” insists people accept the principle that all ideas, values, morals, ethics, lifestyles, and religions hold equal value. If you do not  believe this then you are labeled, discriminated against, and excluded from diversity. Diversity means to be diverse, so how did its redefinition come about? Why are people hooked on it?  How did Marxism use diversity  to push agendas such as Agenda 21 and the Green movement? This session is a must for any person seeking to become politicaally, socially,and economically active in order to save America.

2. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence and Authentic Rule of Law

This session will explore authentic rule of law and how it was used to form the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The last century saw a movement toward the destruction of our founding documents by ridding America of God’s authority, natural law, and the Constitution (Authentic Rule of Law). How was it done?  How did Americans become victims allowing their liberties to be stolen?  Are new laws necessary, or do they only contribute to more chaos in America? What can we do about Judicial Supremacy? Can we restore authentic rule of law and save America?

3. Learning The STOP Movement in Ten Easy Steps

Adults, teens, and children  learn how to use mental and physical posturing, through the use of STOP training, in order to speak the truth without debate. It is vital to know how to NOT compromise authentic rule of law. Are you concerned that you have little time to become an activist?  You can do it every day in your surroundings and with people you communicate with daily. This is a fun and uplifting session for  not only politically hot topics, but also personal and family relationships. Humor is essential to stop the  compromise.

4. The Truth of Roe v.Wade

Everyone knows in his or her conscience that life begins at conception. Science is clear that 23 chromosomes from a man and 23 chromosomes from a woman is a complete DNA blueprint of a human being. This session will bring to light how Roe v. Wade is legal plunder, and the reasoning of the Supreme Court in coming to their decision was wrong.  What role does redefined diversity education play in the acceptance of abortion as okay?  Can we solve other problems in America when we cannot protect the most innocent of life?  This session is important for everyone.

5. Jesus Was Not Diverse: No Debating Right And Wrong

Many people call themselves Christians, or claim belief in God. But are they authentic? Have they abused His words by changing the meaning of the Bible? How did they get this way?  Communism encourages God’s removal for state control. Is America moving in this direction? Whose purpose does it serve to erase moral values from our society? Jesus was clear on right and wrong, so why have churches backed down from teaching it? This class will give you the tools needed to  stand daily for God’s authority, without lengthy debate.

6. Seeds Of Deception: Planting Destruction Of America’s Children

Are you concerned about the education of our children? Or how about high school and college students? Are you aware that there are teachers educated to incorporate anti-American and immoral principles into their everyday curriculum? Plus they get credit for taking the classes that teach them to do it. This class has  proof of a deceptive nationwide program, Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED), with over 20 methodologies to brainwash teachers and students toward a new America.  A must class for all people concerned about the survival of America.

7. Only One Authority: The Ten Commandments Or Humanist Commandments?

In America today we have a new god, political correctness. He rules America through the Humanist Commandments, taken straight from the Humanist Manifesto. Become familiar with the Manifesto and how it is now incorporated into our government, schools, places of business, and even some churches. How do we counter it with the Ten Commandments? And can America ever get back to using the simplicity of the Ten Commandments to bring order to our nation? Or will secularism rule?

8. Modesty, Pink Ties, and Body Art: The Effect Upon America.

Modesty is no longer a priority in today’s new society. Body art is representive of primitive cultures. Men wear pink ties when pink was traditionally a woman’s color. Women have adopted manly clothing, but at the same time use cleavage for their advantage. How does cleavage, pink ties,  and skin tatooing affect our culture? How will this affect future generations? Does the diversity movement contribute to the abuse of the human body? Do young people look to these measures for acceptance by their piers? Does the church have a responsibility to promote modesty? Great class for men, women, and teens.

9. Stages Of The Homosexual Movement:

Learn about the homosexual movement from the early 20th century,through the Stonewall riots, to present times. What were the stages of the movement and what tactics were used to advance their agenda? Did these well planned strategies cause chaos for people, organizations, and churches that spoke out against the lifestyle? If so what groups benefited from it? How has the homosexual movement affected our society?  Can Judeo-Christians, European descent, and traditional patriots use the same strategies as the homosexual movement? How did civil rights play a big part in the success of the homosexual movement?  A must for all people.

10. The Feminist Movement And Its Effect Upon The American Family

The last century saw a radical change in the traditional family unit. It is now on the brink of destruction. How did the feminist movement influence the decline of the traditional family and the removal of the patriarchal head of it?  Was this really a good thing?  Who benefits from the breakdown of the family unit? Did the feminist movement make victims of women ? How does the “pill” contribute to this victimization?  This class takes a good look at the stages of the movement including the most recent one; women fighting in the front lines of battle.

11. How Does Evil Influence Language Change?

Evil does exist. Its influence can be seen in the deceptive methods that aid in separating man from righteousness. One of these is the manipulation of language for a desensitization of humanity toward evil. This class sharpens your ability to recognize, through vocabulary, those who ignore God’s authority, natural law, and the Constitution. Did the acceptance of America becoming a multi-language country aid or hinder it?  Is the breakdown of cohesiveness necessary for evil to flourish? If you are interested in how the “new” language affects America, or how multi-languages could be a threat to America, take this class.

12.The Wheel Of Oppression: Eliminating The Big Three

The Supreme Court ruled in 2007 against categorization of people into groups for purposes of discrimination. Yet this continues across America through multiculturalism, and the Wheel of Oppression. The Wheel or Chart of Oppression puts people into categories with some being the oppressors, and others the oppressed. This is a Marxist tool used to create chaos.  It’s incorporated into education classes across America.  Learn about it, how it is used, and tactics to stop it. This class is great for those wishing to understand Marxism in today’s climate.

13. White Privilege Education: Does Shame, Blame, And Guilt Prevail?

For too long the white race has been made to feel shame, blame, and guilt for being of European descent. Now White Privilege classes are not only in colleges and universities, but also in grammer and high schools. White privilege education is against  civil rights, and is not lawful. Yet it continues with its principles being introduced into everyday curriculum. Why is it allowed? How can we stop it? Or can we? Somehow it’s okay to discriminate against the white race, but no others? Learn how this education has made victims of  all races and what can be done about it.

14. I Was “Duped” Too: Accountability For Compromise And Brainwashing

The compromise and brainwashing is used deceptively across America for transformation purposes. Everyone is vulnerable to these methods of change. How? And at what point can you say “No”? Learn the syndrome of compromise and stages of brainwashing. Everyone compromises, but when does it become dangerous for society and the individual? Hold yourself accountable and attend this fun session where we use actual techniques used in enforced diversity education classes.

15. Shoot For Life: Taking The Second Amendment A Step Further.

With government growing bigger  and Judicial Supremacy out of hand, the Second Amendment takes priority that few are aware of in America. The Founding Fathers knew the importance of protecting the people from government tyranny by allowing people the right to bear arms. Yet across America those seeking more power are demanding legislation that continues to rob citizens of their gun rights. At what point do people say, “STOP” and when do we bear arms? This is a great class for those interested in one of our most basic rights, to bear arms.

16. Parenting in the “New Society”

Are your parenting skills being challenged in a secular world? You are not alone. This class will answer many important questions that will encourage you to live in confidence of your beliefs. How has society affected the way parents think about their role definitions? How is the dialectic and compromise used successfully by children and teens? Sponsor this session in your home, school, or church, for a lively discussion on one of the most important issues in America today, the American family and its presentation of absolute truth.

17. Is Socialism causing a Social Divide?

Is Socialism in line with God’s word? Some people say that Jesus was a Socialist and would approve of this system of government. This class will delve into the true meaning of Socialism, the discrepancies of using Jesus to justify Socialism, and how Socialism is causing a division of people in America. This class will give you the knowledge needed to understand the differences in Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism and how to use these facts to effectively support America’s way of life. This is a great class in lieu of the push toward entitlement programs.

18. Taxes, Taxes, and more Taxes

Can America survive when our identity is now following the European Way? Our nation fought to stop taxation; what will we do now to stop it? Do you question the taxes you pay? What is a fair tax law? How do our representatives sneak taxes into legislative bills. Should those who pay no taxes, and or are on welfare, have a vote? Where is our money going? Is the middle class being erased because of bills such as Obama Care? This is an important issue and one to be discussed in this uplifting class that will give you hope.

19.Teen Eagle Training

Are you a  teen trying to survive in a world gone mad? Are you oppressed or laughed at because you hold traditional views? Or are you fearful to voice your beliefs?  Are you looking for answers? Do you want to take a class with other teens? Get your friends together and let’s do it. You will find meaningful answers to make your life easier every day. Don’t let a secular society  ostracize you for your beliefs. Learn how to form a teen eagle group in your school or church.

20. Adult Training

Would you like to bring these classes into your school, church, place of work, or even home? This is the class for you. Questions will be answered and you will be able to decipher what would work for your particular situation. Easy to understand and simple, this class will help you sort out if this is what you would like to do as an activist, and how to do it. Meet others who share similar interests.

Contact Georgiana Preskar at for further information and to set up classes.