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Ten years ago, Georgiana Preskar began a chapter of the national Eagle Forum grassroot’s organization that stands for the political, economic, and social principles upon which this nation was found. Eagle Forum of Sacramento’s mission statement was to protect children for the survival of America. Georgiana saw a need for this organization in the Sacramento area due to a dramatic change in the traditional town in which her children were raised, and not for the better.

Shortly after its inception, Georgiana Preskar discovered information about a subversive diversity program in Elk Grove Unified School District in California. She found it was not just in her hometown, but nationwide and in European countries. The program is called Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED). The mission statement of SEED and other enforced diversity programs is transformation.

Teri Lawrence, about the same time, discovered that Elk Grove High School was not in line with her standards of education for her son. She joined Georgiana as the Eagle Forum of Sacramento Education Director. Together they soon discovered that the transformation is done through a unique set of classes that trains teachers and parents to go into the classrooms and other environments with the goal of change. They also learned that the principles within diversity education are similar throughout the United States.

The goal of diversity education is to change the Judeo-Christian principles and common sense that our nation was founded upon, into a utopia world where all ideas, values, morals, ethics, lifestyles, religions, and cultures hold equal value. America is now in chaos and on the edge of destruction because diversity education has done its job.

Because Judeo-Christians, the white race, and traditional patriots teach that their way is the “best”, based on God’s authority, natural law, and the Constitution, marxists must get rid of them in order to promote their “equal’ moral code of living. These categories (The Big 3) must be eliminated from diversity status in order for their deceptive definition of diversity to be seen as truth. Thus the above categories are discriminated against and labeled homophobes, xenophobes, and racists.

This is happening in schools, businesses, and government and is having a profound negative effect upon our government policies, churches, traditional family units, and the stability of our nation. When evil takes the form of love it tricks citizens into believing that the chaos now developing in America is due to the principles upon which our nation was founded. They are taught it is loving to change these principles and the people promoting them. In reality, it is actually treasonous curriculum and against all that is American.

For years Teri Lawrence and Georgiana Preskar fought the diversity education programs, in particular the SEED program in Elk Grove, California. But diversity education had gone too far and it is so widespread and deeply embedded into the very fabric of America that it is impossible to eliminate it. The Big Three have a right to be included in diversity status, complete with their beliefs, in order for diversity to be true to its purpose. Immediate attention must be given this for the dangers continue to grow.


Georgiana Preskar is the Director of Eagle Forum of Sacramento and Diversity Reform USA, and has served on the Sacramento Republican Central Committee. She authored STOP the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law, White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of The Century, Diversity Addiction: The Cause and The Cure, and Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America’s Children,

Her traditional Chicago suburban upbringing, with dad, mom, and brother, gave her knowledge of America’s heritage and appreciation for its Judeo-Christian foundation. As a mother, homemaker, registered nurse, sociologist, substitute schoolteacher, real estate agent, religion education instructor, and prayer coordinator, she observed through the years a noticeable change in the American Way due to enforced diversity programs.

Through radio talk shows, speaking engagements, educational seminars, in-home discussions, workshops and her writings, she educates those in doubt as to their right to be accepted into diversity status complete with their beliefs. She promotes the belief that men are born equal, but ideas, values, morals, ethics, lifestyles, religions, or closely held personal beliefs are not equal.

With two grown children and six grandchildren under age six, Georgiana encourages protection of children for survival of America. In 2010 Georgiana became an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol and Refuse To Be A Victim classes in support of our Constitutional rights. With her husband Michael of 38 years, she continues to encourage a pioneering of moral principles that are responsible for true freedom, and the foundation of America.

Protecting Our Children For Survival Of America