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February 3, 2006

Elk Grove Citizen Editor
Via Facsimile

Re: S.E.E.D.

Dear Editor:

I am responding to Pam Benedetti’s letter in which she defends SEED. The quotes in my article of January 18 are taken from SEED documents that we obtained through the Freedom of Information Act via our attorneys in communication with the school district’s lawyers. We fought long and hard to obtain these documents, which came directly from the SEED headquarters at Wellesley College. These included 1700 handout pages that are distributed to every trained SEED facilitator to be used in sessions and given to attendees. SEED classes encourage the education of teachers on how to incorporate this material into their curriculum. I again reiterate these are the themes and founding principles of SEED.
I can see from Pam’s letter that SEED was very effective in brainwashing her. She gives two examples, both of which supportthe horrors of SEED completely. I am glad we are not in dispute of the real facts.
After consuming the lies of SEED, Pam now believes that our education standards should be lowered so students, who could not pass the entrance exam for her class, can now be accepted. She was actually able to get District standards lowered to accommodate these students. How fair is this to the students who are able to meet the standards, but are rejected due to this policy. Because of such public school policies, many students are not able to perform on tests, thus California schools are 49th in the Nation. Graduates are ill prepared for college level courses because education standards have been “dumbed down.” Thus, colleges want AP students, while the average students continue to fall behind other countries. Regardless, the priority remains that students must “feel” wonderful about themselves, even though they did not earn what they got. To keep Americaon the right course, we need to require the students to learn academics, not politically correct social skills, which SEED encourages.
After consuming the lies of SEED, Pam also now believes the lies of “white privilege.” She states that black kids have to fear being stopped by the cops, and white kids don’t. This is the ultimate lie of big bad white guy and poor little oppressedblack victim. If children of any race have been taught their manners, how to respect authority, and to tell the truth, and they have not been up to any mischief, they have nothing to fear by being stopped by the cops. Teens of all races get sweatypalms and a pounding heart if they see the red and blue lights behind them. If mothers of non-white races believe they haveto prep their children with correct responses, that is an unfounded fear they are passing along to their children. These kids should be taught that they can hold their head up, tell the truth in a respectful manner, and then feel the pride that comes when they are shown respect back. This is what we should be teaching our kids, not the “white privilege” nonsense of SEED.
Citizens of this community, you can see where SEED has taken Pam Bernedetti and thousands of teachers, parents and studentswho have attended these classes. SEED’s only answer to the “oppressiveness of white Christian males” is to take from them their political and economic power, which they have worked hard to obtain. Peggy McIntosh, one of the founders of SEED, speaks frequently at communist oriented gatherings. Her views on heterosexual, white, Christian male, and Capitalism are used to promote the “oppressor and oppressed” theory, which is used in Marxism. This principle is the basis for SEED sessions.
Once again, I ask you to contact the School Board and demand that they remove this program from the District. You can also go to to find out more information about SEED. Remember, the quotes in the paper on 2/18 are directly from documents furnished to me by the District. They speak for themselves.



re ‘R’ movies

January 30, 2005

Elk Grove Citizen, Editor
Via Facsimile

Dear Editor:

I was standing in line last week getting movie tickets, and I observed two young girls attempting to get into an “R” rated movie. There was a large sign clearly stating that no one was allowed into “R” rated movies without a photo ID showing they are 17 or older, or with a parent or legal guardian. Despite all their attempts and pleas, the attendant held firm with the theater’s policy. I was very proud that United Artists Theaters respected the time-honored rating system. Then my thoughts went to our own Elk Grove Unified School District, and wondered why they insist on having policies that show no respect for the same rating system. I wonder why the Board Members and District employees insist on a policy of allowing “R” rated moviesto be shown in grades 9 through 12 (many 9th graders are only 13), and PG-13 movies to 7th and 8th graders, most of whom are not yet 13. I think most parents in Elk Grove are unaware of this District policy. It shows blatant disrespect for parentsas being the decision makers in their children’s lives, and a total disregard of a time-honored system of decency of movies.

I know that at least one of the “R” rated movies approved by the District has been shown to students without permission slips going home, and major networks refused to air this movie this past fall. The networks feared being fined by the FCC because of the language and violence in the movie (Saving Private Ryan). I do know that some parents let their children see certain select movies that are rated inappropriately for that child, but shouldn’t this be a decision a parent should make, not ateacher or a board member? I did contact the Board Members and asked them to change this policy, and was told by Brian Myers, the only board member who bothered to respond, “99.9% of the people . . . disagree with you”. Personally, I am sure some “R” rated movies are completely appropriate for any age, but that is not my point. It simply is not the District’s decision,it is completely a parent’s decision. And even if permission slips go home, it is a slap in the face to parents that do have certain moral values. Imagine if you, as a parent, have a strict rule that your children do not watch “R” rated movies if they are under 17. Even if a permission slip is sent home, you are now faced with a dilemma. Do you go against your rules and values and let your child “fit in”? Or do you stick with your rules and values and have your child discriminated against? Believe me, these kids do not enjoy being sent to the library while other kids in class get to watch the “R” rated movie. This system is unfair for all involved, unless you are the teacher or board member that somehow thinks it is your right to override parents’ rights.

I do think that this School Board is doing an outstanding job in managing the District’s finances, rapidly building schoolsfor all the incoming children, and all the things that go along with those issues. Parents’ rights and values seem to be the only area of major concern, and these issues can be resolved if simply brought to their attention by a few concerned parents. So parents, unless I am the only one offended by my rights being trampled on, give the District a call at (916) 686-5085and ask them to reverse this policy. Let’s help them make Elk Grove a place where ALL children feel safe and respected. Let’s ask the District not to have a policy that requires parents to choose between compromising their values and keeping theirchild in a comfortable environment.



re Kohlberg’s Theories of Moral Development

October 10, 2005

Editor, Sacramento Bee

Via facsimile

Dear Editor:

I recently read an article in the Elk Grove Citizen about the opening of the new Point Pleasant High School. The principal stated that the school’s central theme and focus this year was not necessarily academics, but advocacy. I shudder to read statements such as this. Many parents may be wondering “what is advocacy?” I have paused a moment to find out.

Advocacy in the Elk Grove Unified School District teaches that all religions are equal. Advocacy teaches that religion breeds prejudice and discrimination. As a Christian parent, this discriminates against my and my child’s freedom to practice religion. Christians teach their children what the Word of God says, not prejudice and discrimination. If the school believes that God’s Word is prejudiced and discriminatory, they need to take those issues up with God, not our children in the District.

Elk Grove, through Advocacy, also teaches Lawrence Kohlberg’s Theories of Moral Development. What are these theories? They teach our children that by age 10-12, they must be aware that no moral decision should be based on God or any other authority figure. Kohlberg’s Theories teach our children that their moral decisions should be based on their own self-interest, and that alone. Kohlberg’s theories further state that the ultimate goal of moral decision should be made for the common good of all, but most people never reach that stage. These theories are also teachings of Karl Marx (father of communism).

Does the above sound like things you want your child to be learning? The EGUSD lets each school choose to teach what they want. They are undermining your authority as a parent and teaching your child that they are not accountable to authority figures. As far as I have ascertained, none of these materials go through any sort of committees for approval, nor are they approved by the school board. This is certainly not what the school will tell you if you call asking what advocacy is. You will get some sort of politically correct hogwash that actually tells you nothing.

If you are a parent and want this stopped, call the school board and tell them you want all advocacy materials to be processed through committees and voted on by the board, just like all other curriculum. In the meantime, please opt your child out of the advocacy class at your school. If they are sending all the kids to the library, this nonsense will stop. And remember your Second Amendment rights, we may need to have a revolution!



re S.E.E.D.

January 11, 2006

Elk Grove Citizen Editor
Via Facsimile (916) 686-6675

Dear Editor:

What is S.E.E.D.? Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity, a “diversity and tolerance” program that the teachers in this District are encouraged to participate in. The District pays lots of money to indoctrinate our teachers in the S.E.E.D. message, and teachers are, in return, taught how to bring these principles back into every aspect of the classroom. So what exactly is S.E.E.D.? Below are quotes of the key themes of S.E.E.D.:

“. .the Constitution [is] an ‘agreement with Hell’. .”
“Capitalism relies on rich people having uninterrupted access to poor people’s bodies.”
“American Myth: This is the land of opportunity where anyone can grow up to be President.”
“Why Whites Have the Bucks.”
“Which communities of color are routinely ignored or not seen by white people you know?”
“Unless we eliminate white power and privilege, people with lighter skin color . . will be more highly valued than people with darker skin.”
“Relatively small population groups such as Native Americans often deserve large amounts of retribution.”
“Heterosexism and homophobia work together to enforce . . that bastion of patriarchal power, the nuclear family . .”
“Consider White individualist ideology. Consider U.S. Education. Consider capitalist values. And note, Marx didn’t really spell out privilege systems well, either!”
“Fundamentalist religions ‘naturalize’ all the differences between men and women which they teach.”
“. . high hopes of building a more just society through communism. . joined the newly established American Communist Party. .”
“. . men of color will never be truly men until we rediscover the feminine within ourselves.”
“Men would go back to a time when their training in being ‘manly’ or ‘masculine’ was new and they knew it was not natural for them.”
“in support of one feminist value – that all the forms of human love be respected and validated.” (this includes pedophilia)
“We know the litany of dominants: white people, males, Christians, heterosexuals. .”

S.E.E.D. is an anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-Christian anti-male program that seeks to “transform” our teachers into a thinking of how horrible America, Christians, whites and heterosexuals are. Parents, and business leaders in this community, WAKE UP! If you love America and the life you have, please call the School Board at 686-5085 and demand that this program be removed from our school district.

Sincerely, Teri Lawrence

Letter to New Jersey Editor

This is a letter to the editor of a paper in New Jersey.
I do not want to celebrate diversity. I do not even know what it means. I
was born in Hungary and I have an accent, so supposedly I am part of the
mosaic of the diverse immigrants who have voluntarily made this country
their home.

 I used to wonder, though not any more, what do I get out of all this
 celebration. Yes, I was given an opportunity to become a citizen here, and
 that is a gift, and I am grateful for that, but I never aspired to be
 celebrated for this. On the contrary, I want to celebrate my host country
 for being willing to absorb me, giving me an opportunity to learn its
 ways, learn its language and succeed at my chosen endevour.

 The concept of celebrating diversity continues to befuddle me. I do not
 want anybody to celebrate my differences. I can do that myself if I so
 choose among my family and fellow immigrants. I really do not have a
 desire to be very different. I feel just fine if everybody in the public
 area forget about my differences and treat me as they treat everybody

 I almost forgot to consider the possibility that all this celebration of
 diversity is not about me and my kind of immigrant at all. Most likely it
 is primarily about those with a shade or two darker than my skin. Why does
 this difference need to be celebrated? It probably has something to do
 with assumed racial prejudice. By celebrating those with different skin
 color somehow we are supposed to be doing our civic duty.

 I believe, that recent and not so recent immigrants of color would be just
 fine, if they are treated not better, certainly not worse, but like every
 other American, and they just might consider this an honor. I do. I do not
 expect them to be different from me just because they come from a southern
climate. They do not need to be celebrated, singled out, patronised and
 treated with special preferences beyond human empathy and helpfulness
 during the accomodation process.

 So the bottom line is I do not want anybody to celebrate my differences
 and nor am I very interested in partaking any celebration of other’s
 differences. I aspire to treat everybody with equal consideration and when
 the need arises, with helpfulness and good will as fellow human beings of
 equal worth.