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Lobby Tea Parties and Get-Togethers

Diversity Reform USA will join forces with Eagle Forum of Sacramento, and other grassroots’ organizations, as well as fellow conservative Americans to make our presence known in Congress, state capitols, and school districts everywhere. We will also support the Tea Party Plus efforts in letting our public officials know they cannot run our lives. We have rights.
Lobbying at your state capitol, or from home, is made easy for you. Simply go to our website at and click on Lobby Tea Parties. You will find sample monthly topics, facts supporting your position, and your rights. The sample letter can be used as is, or customized for you and or your organization. You can name your representatives and school board members, if you choose, in the appropriate space.

Lobbying with others is productive and also fun. Setting a monthly date to lobby in person, or from home via fax or mail, assures us that public officials working for us will take notice. Our website education is simple, and can be used for in home tea parties and get-togethers.

My new book, Stop the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law is a sure way to understand the new Stop Movement necessary to bring sanity back on a daily basis in America. The Hoax Of The Century: White Privilege And The Wheel of Oppression, available in e-book and now printed book form, includes chapter questions.