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Welcome to Eagle Forum of Sacramento


Eagle Forum’s Mission is to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy-making so America will continue to be a land that values individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue and private enterprise. Eagle Forum is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization of men and women who believe in God, Family and Country. Eagle Forum members are dedicated to preserving the political, economic and social principles upon which our Nation was founded. Our achievements have proven that citizen-volunteers can determine government policies in the United States, and effectively communicate to the public and the media the principles for which we stand.

Eagle Forum supports American sovereignty
We oppose all encroachments against American sovereignty through treaties (such as the International Criminal Court) and United Nations conferences (such as those aimed at imposing energy restrictions on the U.S., registering privately owned guns,imposing global taxes, or promoting feminist goals).

We oppose sending U.S. troops to participate in foreign “engagements” or wars unless U.S. national security is at stake andCongress’s constitutional power is respected.

We support the deployment of an anti-ballistic missile defense to protect American lives.

We support establishing English as our official language.

Eagle Forum supports American freedoms

We support large-scale reduction in income taxes.

We support the immediate cessation of electronic profiling, i.e., entering personal information about law-abiding citizens on government databases or vaccine registries.

We support putting control of health care spending in the hands of individuals by making health insurance tax deductible for all persons, not just for employers.

We support the private enterprise system and reject the false dogma that tax-and-spend government can solve our social and economic problems.

Eagle Forum supports the Constitution
We oppose all efforts to call a new Constitutional Convention that could rewrite our U.S. Constitution.

We support the sanctity of human life as a gift from our Creator, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.

We support congressional action to curb the Imperial Judiciary by refusing to confirm activist judges and repealing federallaws that diminish the Tenth Amendment.

We support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

We oppose statehood for the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

We support making elections honest by requiring positive identification for voters, cleaning up registration rolls, and enforcing ballot security.

Eagle Forum exposes the radical feminists
We honor the institution of marriage and the role of the fulltime homemaker.

Eagle Forum successfully led the ten-year battle to defeat the misnamed Equal Rights Amendment with its hidden agenda of tax-funded abortions and same-sex marriages.

Eagle Forum supports traditions education

Every child should be able to read by the end of the first grade and should be taught to read using phonics. We urge parents to teach their own children to read before they enter school. Reducing illiteracy is an Eagle Forum priority.

We oppose and deplore the dumbing down of the academic curriculum through fads such as Outcome-Based Education and self-esteem courses, and we oppose liberal propaganda in the curriculum through global education and Political Correctness.

We support parents’ rights to guide the education of their own children, to protect their children against immoral instruction and materials, and to home-school without oppressive government regulation.

We oppose federal control of the public school classroom through Goals 2000, School-to-Work, national tests, or national standards.

Eagle Forum was a primary factor in passing the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, and we strongly support its enforcement to protect children against psychological testing without parental consent.

We oppose the feminist goals of federally financed and regulated child care and the feminization of the military.