Rush Limbaugh once said “I am right and say so. This is what irritates people.” This statement gives support of my work on diversity reform. I am grateful when people become irritated by my writings or speeches, for I know my work is moving them toward truth. Enforced diversity programs use the wheel of oppression education to teach “daily compromise” that has and continues to ruin America. Redefined diversity cannot be separated from the problems facing our nation. The most recent compromise is now taking place in conservative circles. It is the “silencing” of social issues.

Authentic Rule of Law, which is God’s authority, natural law, and the Constitution, is being redefined to meet “silence” standards so that all people can work “united” to change America. God’s authority now means to “hush-up” on people’s actions as being right or wrong. Natural law regarding abortion, homosexuality, and entitlement is ignored and if bold about it the person is ostracized and labeled. The meaning of the Constitution changes frequently to satisfy made-up rights.

Introducing these concepts into conservative groups causes mental chaos. Eventually the group compromises their principles to achieve a common cause. An example I offer is a question. One must ask how an authentic Christian and or a common sense thinker can accept a Tea Party Patriot training that teaches them to be silent on social issues because it causes divisiveness. Where does a person fit in who believes in the Tea Party economic principles, loves the group’s boldness, but they still cannot ignore the social issues because of God’s authority? Most importantly how will infiltration of this “silent” principle affect the conservative movement, the authentic “fix” of America, and the answer to God one day when He asks us why?